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Augustów Canal

Augustów Canal is a magical place where monuments of the past live among the wild nature of their environment. There are two places that couple these two different worlds with each other – Augustów Canal and Czarna Hańcza Lake. 

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Virtual Augustów Canal Canoeing

Virtual canoeing of the one of the most beautiful Polish canoeing routes: Augustów Canal

Experience the magic of the Augustów Primeval Forest from the perspective of water, cross the lock and plan your holidays surrounded by the nature of Podlasie. 

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Sail across one of the most stunning canoeing routes while admiring the landscape in 360-degree thanks to VR technology.

Check the Street View of Augustów Canal

Tourist Accommodation

Discover the Augustów Canal’s charm



Local cuisine

Local cuisine

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Augustów Primeval Forest

You can find some peace among the pine-scented forests, crystal clear lakes and sandy beaches of Augustów Primeval Forest. If you are adventure-seeking, you may try some thrilling trips such as a journey through the historic canal on Augustów Lake or the backwoods.

Bicycle touring

Thanks to its wild nature and climate, Gmina Płaska is a part of the carbon sink of Poland. Perfect quality environment and open-access cycling routes make the open-air recreation even more inviting.

Residents’ hospitality

Local residents live in over a dozen scenical cities among the wild forests and lakes. Inhabitants have a strong bond with the local traditions while paying tribute to the native habits such as their hospitality towards tourists.


We encourage tourists to try some active recreation such as canoeing on Czarna Hańcza or Augustów Canal which are organized by the local agritourist accommodation. Hiking or cycling through the Augustów Canal routes is just as exciting and will bring you some unforgettable memories. Tourist information center in Płaska helps with the organization matters.

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  • PL-BY-UA 2014-2020
  • Funded by the European Union
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