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Museums and Monuments


1. Museum of pysanka

Grodno District, Sopotskin village, Grodnenskaya  str., 17

Tel. + 375 (29) 289 45 80

Wed. – Fr., Sun.: 11.00-20.00

Sat.: 12.00-20.00

Mon. – Tue.: day off

Easter egg with ornament-pattern applied.  In 2014, it was included in the State list of historical and cultural property of the Republic of Belarus as an element of intangible cultural heritage. The museum’s collection contains more than 1,700 eggs.

2. Museum of the History of the Augustow Canal

Grodno District, The Augustow Canal / «Dombrovka» lock

Tel. + 375 (33) 370 44 22

Mon. – Fr.: 10.00-19.00

Sat. – Sun.:  09.00-20.00

The museum is located in the house of the lock keeper. The exposition of the museum tells about the history of the Augustow Canal, the military past, its restoration.


1. The palace and park complex of Wolowice

(Grodno District, Svyatsk village)

The pearl of the Augustów Canal – palace and park complex in Svyatsk village – was built in the 18th century on the project of Italian architect J. De Sacco for the magnates of Wolowicz. The palace in Baroque style has in its interior unique elements of Classicism style, created by well-known painters of that time F. Smuglevich and T. Mankovski.

2. AchapeltombinNeoGothicstyle

(Grodno District, Sopotskin village (Catholic cemetery)

A chapel-tomb was built in 1893 in Neo-Gothic style in memory of Julia Dziekonska and Jozef Górski buried here. 

3. A Catholic church of St. Josaphat Kuntsevich

(Grodno District, Sopotskin village, Teolinskaya str., 45)

A Catholic church was built in1789 and was rebuilt in 1935-39. The building of the Sunday school, a wrought iron gate, and several burials in the courtyard have survived from the 19th century.

4. Soviet War Memorial

(Grodno District, Sopotskin village)

In the mass grave is buried more than 1000 people who died in the battles of 1441-1944 directly near the village of Sopotskin.

5. Navigablelock «Nemnovo»

(Grodno District, Nemnovo village)

Nemnovo navigable lock is the unique one along the whole canal track at its entrance from the Neman River. It was built in 1829. The water level difference in the four chambers is 9.6 meters – the largest in the whole canal system. The lockage takes an hour and 20 minutes.

6. Pillboxes of the 68th Grodno strengthening area

(Grodno District, along the Augustow Canal)Along the banks of the Augustów Canal mighty pillboxes of the 68th Grodno strengthening area are scattered. They were the first to meet fascists in June, 1941 and today they still keep many secrets of the first battles of the Second World War.

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