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“Bocianisko” educational route

The route was made in 1995-1999 by the 99th tribe of Warsaw Scouting and Cub Scouting Team with the help of Płaska forest district, the local residents and authorities as a promotion of the Płaska forest district’s nature. Undeniable beauty of this place starts with its landform which was formed by the glacier. There are a lot of water basins here – both standing and flowing. Both of them are the source of life for the local fauna and flora. You can find many viewpoints and educational boards. The whole route is marked as a black tourist route, its length is 37 km and it is divided into 6 sections.

Section I

This section is called Mikaszówka-Sosnówek-Lelak. You can admire here such places as: overgrowing Ślepe lake, coniferous swamp, historical Sosnówek lock or exhibitive deciduous forest.

Section II

The main attractions of the route to the Kurdynek are Pięciówka lake gorge, Tartak Lock, Kudrynki binduga, Kudrynka Lock and lock keeper house.

Section III

While exploring the Kudrynki-Kurzyniec section we can see the chapel and cemetery on the edge of the Rudawka village and the exposition devoted to the nature and residents of this part of the Augustów Primeval Forest which is organized in the building of the old school in Rudawka as well as the Kurzyniec lock.

Section IV

On the Kurzyniec-Wołkuszanka valley route we have a chance to see young, human-made pine forest and Wołkuszanka valley.

Section V

The Wołkuszanka valley-Wołkusz section is famous from its coppice and pine crops on the sand dunes as well as xeromorphic turf.

Section VI

On the Wołkusz-Rubcowo section we can admire inspiring glacial landscapes in the form of moraines, eskers and kames. We can find there some bunkers from the time of WWII, xeromorphic turfs and moist coniferous forests around Wołuszki valley.

Route length: 37km

Route type: black

Activity type: walking

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  • PL-BY-UA 2014-2020
  • Funded by the European Union
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