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Cycling-skiing route in Płaska

We encourage all the tourists in Gmina Płaska to try our unique attraction: cycling-skiing route which is a fragment of The Green Velo East Cycling Trail. Green Velo is the most spectacular cycling route project that has been released in Poland already. This almost 2000 km long trail is running through the five voivodeship (warmińsko-mazurskie, podlaskie, lubelskie, podkarpackie and świętokrzyskie) and was created to provide you a necessary comfort while traveling these amazing places.

The beginning of the route in Gmina Płaska is located nearby the building of the CIT, next to the sport stadion from where we’re going along the Augustów Canal. There is a beautiful sandy beach nearby at the Orle Lake where you can find a changing room and swings – also for the youngest tourists.

The cycling route is hardened, well lighted and equipped with the stopping places where you can find some benches you can rest in. At the Paniewo and Krzywe lakes there are two loops with barbecue sheds. Next stop on our journey is Perkuć preserve which was created in 1970 to protect the primary pine and spruce boron, typical for the Augustów Primeval Forest. Next, we see the famous Dowgrida Bridge where the memorable scene from the “Czarne chmury” series was shot.

The route ends on the 10th lock of the Augustów Canal, called Perkuć. This lock was made in 1827-1928 between Krzywe and Mikaszewo lakes which is famous for its clear, turquoise water. The lake attracts both local people and the tourists thanks to both its charm and the fact of plenty of fish species living in it: bleak, tench, pike or perch.

In the winter this part of the route is one of the most used skiing routes which natural extensions are further routes of Augustów Primeval Forest. In Płaska tourist information center we can borrow some cross-country skis.  

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